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Mass exodus from Dadu, Thatta in fear of floods |Pk Geo News

By Haris Afzal on Friday, August 27, 2010 with 0 comments

THATTA: Hundreds of thousands of residents of Dadu and Thatta are moving out to safer places in fear of imminent floods on self-help basis while citizens are also taking part voluntarily in the effort to strengthen an under-construction protective dyke in Shahdadkot to save their city.

The flood stream coming from Shahdadkot, after wreaking havoc in several villages, is expected to enter Hamal Lake and MNV drain anytime now.

Thousands of families from 391 villages located in Tehsil KN Shah, Mehar and Juhi are relocating to safer places.

The unmerciful tides of flood let loose as a result of breach in protective bund at Sheedi Mori and Ruso Brohi is heading rapidly towards Thatta district. The authorities have failed to plug this breach even after passage of 24 hours.

Meanwhile, Tehsil Sajjawal, Mirpur Bhatoro, Daro and Banun besides hundreds of villages in the surrounding areas have already been evacuated.

According to Sindh Irrigation Departement, Daro city is feared to face inundation anytime.

The affectees who arrived in Makli from Thatta staged a sit-in on National Highway against non-availability of essential relief goods, suspending the traffic.

In the meantime, five trucks full of relief items being escorted by Provincial Home Minister Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza which were heading toward Makli were intercepted and looted by the flood affectees.

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