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Malik for NA committee to probe US citizen's firing in Lahore

By Haris Afzal on Friday, January 28, 2011 with 0 comments

 ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Rehman Malik Friday proposed constituting a National Assembly committee to probe the incident of shooting by a US national in Lahore Wednesday.

Speaking in National Assembly, after MNA Noor Alam, on a Point of Order, voiced serious concerns over the incident, Interior Minister informed he had ordered inquiry at Federal level to ascertain about the facts regarding the US national named Raymond Davis.

He, however, categorically stated no one would be allowed to breach law in Pakistan. "This is will take its course what it desires."

Malik, quoting statement of the accused said, the US national fired in self-defence as two boys drew close to his car first from left and then from right side and later took out pistol.

The minister said it was a provincial matter and the accused were in the custody of Punjab Police, which he hoped would handle it efficiently and professionally.

Later, the minister maintained no changes would be incorporated in Blasphemy Law and there was not any such committee to do so.

"If someone still doubts, he should come to me and check all documents...Prime Minister has also said there would not be any changes in Blasphemy Law," Malik said.

Malik announced to establish offices of Passport and NADRA at District Battagaram in Hazara Division in a week on the request of MNA Mahboobullah Jan.

MNA Haroon Toor lamented that no political party had condemned the killing of people by Americans in Lahore. He said the incident was an attack on the sovereignty of Pakistan.

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