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Watch Geo TV, Geo Television - Geo News - Geo Network on pkgeonews

By Haris Afzal on Monday, January 31, 2011 with 0 comments

Geo TV Entertainment

Geo TV or Geo Television is a Pakistani television network founded by Mir Shakil ur Rehman in May 2002. Geo TV belongs to Independent Media Corporation, owner of the Jang Group of Newspapers. The channel started its test transmission on 14 August 2002, whereas regular transmission began from 1 October 2002. In Urdu, the national language of Pakistan, the word geo translates to live on in English.

The channel is lauded in the West and many Western media outlets have asked Geo TV for exclusive footage sharing. Since the channel launch, Geo TV has put freedom of speech and freedom of expression in Pakistan to unprecedented levels in Pakistani history. This has also put Geo TV in numerous conflicts with the Pakistani Government. Most other Pakistani media outlets viewed Geo TV as a model to follow, and as a result, Pakistan's media is now considered to be the most free in the Muslim world.

    * Geo TV Network

Geo Television Network started out with its flagship channel of Geo TV, but has since launched several other channels including: * GEO Entertainment - a Pakistan based entertainment channel showing Dramas, musical programs, feature movies, primarily in Urdu Language.
GEO News - a Pakistan based Urdu News Channel, rated as one the most popular news channels in Pakistan.
GEO Super- sports channel, launched by Geo Network in September 2006. Programming content includes variety of sports from around the world, focusing mainly on cricket, with a secondary focus on boxing, football and field hockey.
AAG TV - channel focusing on programs for youth in Pakistan. AAG TV was launched in September, 2006 by Geo Network.

      Geo Movies or Films

Geo Network has released only two movies, Khuda Kay Liye, produced by Shoaib Mansoor which was released July 20, 2007. It has also distributed Ramchand Pakistani.Geo Films is going to release famous English film 2012 in Pakistan from November 27, 2009.


A documentary by Geo covering water scarcity in the Indus river delta won "The Special Prize of H.S.H. Prince Rainier III" at the Monte Carlo TV Festival.
Geo was awarded a special award in 2005 at the Nouticaslo TV festival.
On April 20, 2004 at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas, Mir Ibrahim Rahman, chief executive of Geo TV, received an International Broadcast Excellence Award for the impact the channel has had on Pakistan.

Geo TV
Launched         2002
Network         Geo TV
Owned by        Mir Shakil ur Rehman
Country           Pakistan
Slagon              Har Pal Geo
Satellite             Position     Down Link Band
PAS – 10           68.5° East     C – Band
Frequency          Transmission     Polarity
4114 MHZ         Digital     Horizontal
Symbol Rate         FEC     Modulation.
3300 MB/S          2/3     QPSK (Auto)

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