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B4U Movies Watch online TV B4U TV Channel B4U Network

By Haris Afzal on Friday, February 4, 2011 with 1 comment

B4U Movies
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B4U Movies is a Bollywood movie digital TV channel available on more than 8 different satellites, in more than 100 countries including the USA, UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Mauritius, Canada and India. The channel is part of the B4U Group, owned by Lakshmi Mittal, Kishore Lulla and Gokul Binani. The channel broadcasts a mixture of classic and contemporary Bollywood films, as well as featuring star interviews, behind-the-scenes documentaries, and movie news. The channel has various licensing agreements with Eros Entertainment, which gives B4U Movies exclusive broadcasting rights to some of Bollywood's biggest films (outside India at least). There are 4 different versions of the channel available in the UK, North America, the Middle East and South Asia. Each version of the channel produces a quantity of local programming which reflects the culture and tastes of the local population of the Indian Diaspora. One such programme (only shown on the South Asian version of B4U movies) is a talent contest for young actors, directors and screenwriters aged 7-15. The show concluded with the 4 finalists of the contest having their debut films premiered on the channel.   About B4U B4U Television Network launched the world's first ever 24-hour South Asian Premium Digital Bollywood Movie channel, B4U Movies, on August 26, 1999 in the UK. This young and dynamic company has been growing from strength to strength. Today it's the leading Bollywood movie channel in the world. The company has spread its wings in over a 100 countries; namely UK, US, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Canada and India. B4U is the 'Gateway to Bollywood', with a constant endeavor to provide the international and local viewers with the best of Bollywood. Various tie-ups like the ones with iDreams, (A global script writing competition), among others have been steps in the direction. B4U has tied up with iDream Production Private Limited, as its co-producer; to build synergies with the global presence and distribution channels of B4U being used effectively. The venture also ensures an output deal for B4U, which can now show all the new productions on its channels. Ensuring a 360 Degree view of Bollywood, there's a lot more to the channel than just films. With its bollywood-based programming, it satiates the need for a complete Bollywood experience of the Film Buff. B4U is providing its discerning viewers not only the latest and the best in films but also programming which brings their favourite stars up close and personal, through programmes like Bollywood Unlimited, Center Stage and Money Talkies. Also catch other catchy vignettes like Box Office and Rushes, amongst others, in a style that is truly international. Launched     1999 Network     B4U Owned by     B4U Lakshmi Mittal Picture format     SDTV Country     India United Kingdom Broadcast area     World-wide Headquarters     Mumbai Sister channels     B4U Music Website

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