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Might is not always right

By Haris Afzal on Saturday, October 1, 2011 with 0 comments

Might is not always right
Pakistan and USA relationship dates back to the time of Cold War, when as an ally Pakistan played a vital role in favour of America against the Soviet

invasion of Afghanistan and helped United States and CIA to push the Soviets out of Kabul with the help of Jihadist Groups who received training both

form ISI and CIA. However, from the very beginning the relationship between both countries hardly went through any stability, these relationships were

never steady and reliable particularly for Pakistan, as sometimes they were quite positive and gained a peak while some other times they were easily

disturbed and moved towards confrontation, blame game and scapegoating. Historically, it is evident that Pakistan is always willing to carry its healthy

and fruitful relationship with America, be it Cold War or Post 9/11 launched War on Terrorism, Pakistan has played a role of front line ally with US.

This war on terror brought greater consequences to Pakistan itself, it suffered the loss of $68 billion and about 35,000 lives within Pakistan, but all

these tragic figures still could not shake Pakistan’s firm intention to eradicate terrorism by supporting USA war on terror. Unfortunately, the slogan of

“DO MORE” from USA endorses the fact that, all that United States care about is its own interest, while completely ignoring the sacrifices being made

by its important ally in this war on terror. The blame game started by USA is not a new phenomenon especially post Osama Bin Laden operation which

was carried out on the Pakistani soil, but the recent allegations by US joint chiefs of staff Admiral Mike Mullen that “Haqqani group acts as a veritable

arm of ISI” gave a great jolt to Pak-US relations, these allegations were very much un appreciated in both civil and military circles of Pakistan and

Pakistan Army unanimously rejected these allegations and vowed to retaliate if any unilateral action took place from USA or if any attempts are made to

invade tribal areas of Pakistan for the Hunt of Haqqani network.

Such attitude of America towards Pakistan is very much discouraging and disturbing for Pakistan as well as the whole region. United States growing

cooperation with India and increasing allegations towards Pakistan depicts the American intensions to isolate Pakistan from international community by

propagating against it and by linking it up with terrorist organizations; Pakistan has not rejected its links with Haqqani network which it claims are

entirely political in terms of future of Afghanistan rather than supporting them against USA. Such statements by Admiral Mike Mullen at this point when

America plans to exit Afghanistan look like part of the plan, as on one side USA is empowering India to make it a regional hegemon while on the other

hand trying to isolate Pakistan with an unthankful attitude.

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