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Pak Geo Earn PPV F.A.Q and Terms

By Haris Afzal on Thursday, October 6, 2011 with 0 comments

Frequently Asked Question

Q.1: What is PPV Means?
A: PPV Means Pay Per View.

Q: How Can I Earn With PPV?
A: Send us your article,news or video for our site.I add your video or article in our site with your name and ID i send you your article or video page link, share this page to your friends in Facebook,Twitter,blogs Forum,Websites,or Any Site where people share their files.

You can watch your page statistics how many time visit your page

I will give you only valid visits points

Q.3:How many articles can i share?
A: You can share 4 articles in one time after your article is reach your earning points you can send more articles
(For Silver Memmbership) 
              If you send this page (Your article page)
             This page get 1000 points means reach there earning points. Now you can not earn more points send more articles for earning.

(For Gold Memmbership)
             This page get 2000 points means reach there earning points. Now you can not earn more points send more articles for earning.

Q:4 How much earn possible?
A: Silver Memmbers can earn daily with four pages.One Page maximum points for one day are
1 page    1000 points = 50 R.S
4 pages  4000 points = 200 R.s in a day

Gold Memmbers can earn daily with 6 page maximum points fore one day are
1 page      2000 points = 100 R.S
6 pages  12000 points = 600 R.S in a day

Q:5 How can i receive our payment?
A   Payment Threshold

Send Payment Via
More options Availaible Soon

We Sent Payment Weekly (By Request)
After you earn 500 R.S or more you can Sent Payment Request.
You Must Payment Request in Friday.
I check your account if you reach payment threshold or not any invalid activity
I sent your payment
Payment day Sturday 6:00 PM To 10 PM

Q:6 What is invalid visits?
A: If you visit your page i only count 1 visit for your page you earn only 1 point for your page because i want quality visitor not refresh page more andnot allowed autosurf websites\robots or any kind of softwares be aware if you use any one of this and break our terms i block your account and your unpaid earning will be sold or close your ip our tracking system is very powerfull so do not think for cheating
you can watch your page statistics where to come your visitors.

download link statistics 


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In Brief, you are NOT allowed to:

  • Use robot/auto surf software of any kind.
  • Not Use Any Autosurf Traffic Exchange Programs.
Any Furthur Details Use Our Chat Box Or Email Us

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